Perfecting Pizza Pies

The real ins & outs of our pizza kitchen - from dough baby to pretty pie. 

It all started in August last year, and there has been quite an evolution of these pizzas since time has passed.
Three major keys: 
1. Sauce recipe
2. Dough recipe
3. Oven as hot as you can get it (*notes in dough recipe)

The cake pan babies...these bad boys were actual PERFECTION

October 2015
Halloween pizzas - the first try at the pizza stone for all three. 

December 2015
Doing the duo - pizza stone & cake pan 

January 2016
Using that extra dough to make some calzones

February 2016
Back to the pizza stone & making them pretty. 

April 2016
Once you start to perfect the pie, you start working on the photography. 

May 2016
Breaking away from the cheese & going for some BBQ

June 2016
Going for some sausage 

July 2016
The perfect crust 

August 2016
Extra person? Extra pie. 

October 2016
Sharing the love with the Rents

If I show you mine, will you show me yours? even if you can't share a slice, share the pics! Tag @slicebaby on instagram & Facebook