Take Two

I am not a huge fan of some holidays: Halloween, New Years Eve, and Valentines Day. So when Halloween came rolling around this year, I couldn't be happier that the plan was to stay in...especially after a long day on the football field. Ethan's cousin and best friend were in town, so we decided to show off the skills with our pizzas. We bought a pizza stone and cousin brought his pizza peel so we ready to try a few new things out. 

We repeated the dough & sauce as my first post but went for four different pies. The stone was new for us, but was very simple. Four things to remember

  1. Keep stone in oven while it is preheating.
  2. Style up pizza on top of parchment paper.
  3. Cut access paper around the pizza.
  4. Place directly on the stone and let cook! 

These two were thinner crusts and had bell pepper & mozzarella.  The first one stopped there, the second went for some goat cheese, prosciutto and pineapple. The third (not pictured due to growling stomachs) had jalapeños for a little kick.  

With a good chunk of dough (and cheese) left, we went for a true pan style crust straight on the pizza stone. Well, in all honesty we were trying to make a big thin crust but it ended up puffing up and becoming this circle of pure heaven. Seriously...look at that sea of cheese!