For when I travel outside of chicago & d-town

When you want to hit all your food groups in one bite…

Primanti Bros - the Burgh

This is a Pittsburgh staple. If you want what’s best for you, get the steak & cheese with egg and don’t forget the IC lite. Throw in a yinz or two into your lingo and you’ll fit right in.

When you want to be hit in the face with sugary sweetness…

Jaarsma Bakery - Pella

If this small Dutch town knows anything, it is their baked goods. Cherry donut holes & pillow puffs are game changing, but you can’t leave without trying a dutch letter.

When you want to post up for hours

Dash Coffee Roasters - Cedar Rapids

A local coffee shop with low-key hipster vibes with anything but low quality good. They have monthly rotating small bites & featured drinks including a latte with a toasted marshmallow