the end all be all 

Even though we love our homemade pies, sometimes it's nice to just focus on eating. 


When you want garlicky crust & never ending cheese...

Wig & Pen Pizza
1220 US-6, Iowa City, IA
(319) 354-2767

*Personal Favorite - Flying tomato (pictured)

When you want a classic

Neapolitan pie

Basta Pizzeria
121 Iowa Ave, Iowa City, IA
(319) 337-2010

*Personal Favorites - Funghi

When you want a craft beer to go with it...

Back Pocket Brewery
903 Quarry Rd, Coralville, IA
(319) 449-3700

*Personal Favorite - Flambe Pizza 

When you want that authentic flare...

Red Vespa
208 E Main St, Solon, IA 52333
(319) 624-2080

*Personal Favorite - Sunnyside Up

When you want pizza & fresh goods

Maggie's Farm Pizza
Downtown Iowa City Farmers Market

When you want high caliber toppings...

Big Grove Brewpub
101 W Main St, Solon, IA
(319) 624-2337

*Personal Favorite - Tradition Sausage pizza

When you know exactly what you want...

PiZan Pizza
113 Iowa Ave, Iowa City, IA 52240
(319) 351-5897