Slice of Life


So here’s the thing - life is busy, hectic and let’s admit it a little bit crazy. 2018 was all of that wrapped up all in one.

As one of my good friends pointed out, 2019 jump started pretty quickly - one for me that was filled with some major lows but also the highest of highs. I’m not throwing January away, but starting off February with a new mindset and outlook on life.

If anybody knows anything about me, they know food is my first love and this girl has got to eat. My life revolves around when and what I am going to eat next - but there are many other layers to this life that I live.
Now let’s get to the point….i’m not saying this will become a lifestyle blog (we all know I don’t have any beauty / fashion tips) but I will be adding a FEW MORE SLICES of my life..

To get things going, here is a fast track of January….

Started off the New Year with some great friends, a dreamy charcuterie board (by me), and legendary Old Fashioned (not by me)

Not everything has changed - Marquee is still a staple - whether it is trying their collaboration of the month, being their taste tester, or marking another Stracc on the books.

Spent my days with some solid people.

Learned to perfect somethings in the kitchen - an omelette, alternative pizza crusts & crispy salmon.

….and let’s be real selfies are here to stay.

2019 started off strong & wild - but we are ready for it