Marquee Pizzeria

So here's the thing... I'm in love. 

I think we all know that I have a special place in my heart (and my stomach) for pizza. Whether that be because my food name is "slice baby" or because I have a pizza's an undeniable fact. Anyways, this little place in Marquee has stolen my heart. Okay, I will fess up and say I probably have some sort of bias as one of my good friends is the man behind the madness.  BUT...once I share all of my reasonings you will shortly see this place is purely magic. 

Reason #1: The ambiance. 

You walk in and feel like you've apparated to Little Italy ( I told you it was magical 😉 ). Between the velvet chairs, reclaimed wood, porch lights, and Ninja Turtle posters - you feel at home. Not to mention the floor to ceiling windows & massive garage door, that yes, will be open on beautiful days (like in late November when its 70 degrees). You have the option of the bar, the "head table" (front line to the oven), family style tables, and high or low tops. My favorite spot is the sofa and rustic table to just post up - get comfy, little boozy & very full.

Reason #2: The oven.

Yes, this thing does deserve a reason all to itself. First of's beautiful and such a showstopper. My favorite part about this whole place is that you are able to see whats happening at all times no matter where you are in the restaurant. This beauty is specially ordered from Modena, Italy (home of the Ferrari). It's the real magic maker- as you will see Chef Will and co. slinging some dough, making simple products turn into pure masterpieces. 

Reason #3: The booze. 

When people have been in the biz for a while, they know what people want. Well...people who know their shit (sorry Iowa folks who love their Busch). Don't get me wrong, you'll be able to get all of that...stuff here, but you won't find it on tap. Those 20 taps are saved for the special craft brews - whether you love a classic IPA or a good 'ol stout you'll find something for those taste buds. Not a beer drinker? No problem, there are a handful of red, whites, and cocktails for you to choose from. Oh and the man behind the magic? He has a thing for some good don't be afraid to ask for some of that. Now we all know what you're interested in...the happy hour. Every day, from 3-6pm - wine by the glass, canned beer (calling all you domestic drinkers) and select drafts are two for one. 

Reason #4: The people. 

Another disclaimer - I was a waitress at Blackstone for four years and those people become your family. Now, three people from this family are housed at Marquee. But again, I have some unbiased reasonings. Let's start with the pizza master - Anthony Falco aka Falco aka @millennium_falco - an International Pizza Consultant, founder of Roberta's in NY. Once I heard he would be consulting for Marquee's pies I was itching to meet him...and he lived up to the expectation. I absolutely loved observing him teaching all things 'za and seeing how the perfectionism came so naturally. Everyone else on board front of house & kitchen are great people. They always greet you with a smile on their face and ready to serve you the best eats.

Reason #5: The menu

I mean, lets be real - you should never neglect yourself of some pizza...BUT there is plenty to offer incase you're staying away. It's broken down by Garden & Market, Not Pizza and Pizza (we will get to the pizza later). My all time favorite non-pizza item are the brussels - cranberries, pancetta, hazelnuts, and a calabrian honey mustard. I'm not kidding yall, I will burn my mouth every time I order this dish because I simply can NOT wait. Another gem...the brick o mozza - and they aren't kidding. Imagine a mozzarella stick in a massive brick form. They also offer some other green dishes, a burger, cheese & meat plates, fries, burger, and pasta dishes. Now I haven't been able to try everything, but by the looks of it - the tastiness flows across all dishes. 

 Reason #6: THE ZA!

I know it's taken me a while, but save best for last right?!
How do you like it...Classic? Spicy? Cheeseless? Cheesy? Nontraditional? They've got you covered. 


The basic bitch who always gets invited - "Margherita"


Tastes like home - "Grandma's Hands"


Sweet & Spicy - "Sweet Angelo" - pickled chillies & hot honey are the kickers.


No Cheese, No Problem - "The Falco" (self explanatory) - Chunks of garlic & pork sausage steal the show. 


Brussels & Pizza = "Brusselmania" knew I had to love this one. 


You like mushrooms? The Wulfy - "Wulfenstein" is for you. 


Fall is calling - "Squashed" - don't forget the goat cheese 

The one's untasted - Young Cheezy (the white pizza of everyone's dreams); Coppa Cabana (the pasta pizza sans noodles) and Spicy Pie (need I say more). 


This was a lot of words, but it's simple as this. Do you like pizza? Go to Marquee.