Pullman Sundays

It's been one of those weekends...

When there isn't enough food that I can shove down my pie hole that will fill me up. So after a night of cocktails on the 30Hop rooftop (after a Hawkeye W), it was decided that my foodie friend & I were gonna go for some Sunday eats. 

James, my foodie friend, had never been to Pullman...well he has had the asparagus. Not to shoot down the asparagus, but it's not the showstopper of the menu. As y'all know, I have been to Pullman a time or two, however I have not had their burger.  Side note: Pullman's full ambiance is parallel to Au Cheval's in Chicago, which is also known for the best burger around. Long story short, when James mentioned Pullman, I was completely down to grub on a burger. 

James got the breakfast tacos: flour tortilla, scrambled egg, mojo pork, salsa, cilatro, cheese & fresno aioli

James was also very obsessed with this jalapeño garlic reduction that they served on the side. They looked beautiful & by James' face on the first bite...they tasted just as good. 

Contemplating if I wanted to really have a burger, I realized I hadn't ordered a burger out at a restaurant in over 2 years!! So, what did I do? I asked our waitress if I should go for the Pullman burger or just go for the Mo Burger...so I went for it. The mo burger had: TWO 4oz beef patties, smoked fresno aioli, avocado, cheddar, bacon jam. 

I don't think words are even necessary to describe how amazing this burger was. The bun was soft & doughy, the sauce & avocado were creamy, and that bacon jam brought texture and some insane flavor. 

Do yourself a favor & go get some mo'