Just so you all believe that I eat something other than pizza, here's a look into a night at a local bar & diner in Iowa City, Pullman. Pullman just had its one year anniversary and I would definitely recommend -- not only great atmosphere but seriously good food. 

Started off sitting at the bar, which overlooks the chef's station. I glanced over the drinks menu and as soon as I saw Prosecco, I was sold on a French 75. Next stop, the goods. I hadn't been to Pullman yet, so I let my friend do the picking. 

The first stop was Burrata accompanied with fresh, vibrant vegetables, chick peas, and huge garlicky croutons. 

For the main course we went with the Frisco Melt & Steak Frites. I personally would never order either of these if I saw them on the menu, but as I stared (and drooled) over this plate of fries while the steak was being cut, I couldn't be happier we did. 

The Frisco Melt was buttery and gooey with the provolone and Russian dressing. I could have easily devoured both halves, but was glad we were going splitskies. The Steak Frites were right up my dad's alley. The steak was cooked perfectly and laid over crispy & salty house fries. We opted for a fried egg on top because...duh. 

The buttermilk pie was calling my name, but the button on my pants were telling me otherwise. Until next time!