Backpocket Brewing

When I was playing volleyball at the University of Iowa, I was fortunate enough to have some great parents that came as often as they could. They would come in on Friday morning, we'd grab lunch (at a new spot each time) I'd play some volleyball, they'd go to the football game Saturday, I'd play some more volleyball and we would hang out at the Marriott. Now, in the same parking lot from the Marriott is this brewery called, Backpocket - where they obviously serve beer and pizza pies and we'd order up the beer cheese and a few pies to eat in the hotel room. 

As you all know I love myself some pizza. Something else you might also know is that our family (especially my dad) loves them some beer. So, when dad was in town for a few days and we needed to grab a good quick bite (that wasn't downtown), I knew BP was the place to go. 

This was the first time I was able to head back and give them a try since they changed up their pie menu. 

BBQ CHICKEN - Sriracha bourbon bbq sauce, chicken, jalapeno, goat cheese, pecorino, red pepper sauce. 

Now I originally chose this pie because E loves him some BBQ chicken - didn't go as far as to check the Sriracha & jalapenos. For a kid that doesn't like heat this was a big "oops". None the less, it was a good pie, I didn't love the bbq sauce but the heat of the jalapenos (that we picked off) brought some good extra flavor. 

MARGHERITA - fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato sauce

Lets be real, can you go wrong with a margherita pizza? If so, chances are you shouldn't have a pie place homie. Anyways, basic but good. 

FLAMBE caramelized onions, pork belly, fresh mozzarella, pecorino, bechamel sauce

I originally ordered this one for Dad (pork belly duh!), but it turned out to be my favorite. I LOVE a white sauce on pizzas, however that is one of the few things Ethan won't do at for our home pies (that and mushrooms) so receiving that was a pleasant surprise. I just wanted to hoard all of the pork belly pieces to myself, it was different & delicious. 


All in all, the new pies were great. It's quick & easy & tasty. Also, I love how they cut them in an almost zig zag - you got a bit of everything in each piece. 


Just so you all believe that I eat something other than pizza, here's a look into a night at a local bar & diner in Iowa City, Pullman. Pullman just had its one year anniversary and I would definitely recommend -- not only great atmosphere but seriously good food. 

Started off sitting at the bar, which overlooks the chef's station. I glanced over the drinks menu and as soon as I saw Prosecco, I was sold on a French 75. Next stop, the goods. I hadn't been to Pullman yet, so I let my friend do the picking. 

The first stop was Burrata accompanied with fresh, vibrant vegetables, chick peas, and huge garlicky croutons. 

For the main course we went with the Frisco Melt & Steak Frites. I personally would never order either of these if I saw them on the menu, but as I stared (and drooled) over this plate of fries while the steak was being cut, I couldn't be happier we did. 

The Frisco Melt was buttery and gooey with the provolone and Russian dressing. I could have easily devoured both halves, but was glad we were going splitskies. The Steak Frites were right up my dad's alley. The steak was cooked perfectly and laid over crispy & salty house fries. We opted for a fried egg on top because...duh. 

The buttermilk pie was calling my name, but the button on my pants were telling me otherwise. Until next time!