Rise n°1

I'm the baby of the family, which as much as I try to fight it...I am spoiled (sorry Erin & Lyndsy). I landed in sunny Texas for Christmas break and headed straight to my sister's gym to get in a quick workout. After that, Cindi (mom) had the rest of our afternoon planned - which meant we were going to her absolute favorite restaurant, Rise Souffle. I'm not quite sure if its her favorite because the food is amazing or because one time she saw George W. Bush eating there...its a toss up. 

For starters, the restaurant is so unique. It's like that person's house that seems completely chaotic and unorganized but somehow it all just works. First off was a bottle of Prosecco (mom's doing) and some bread. But this bread was completely salivating...you know those baguettes at Panera that are sometimes actually really doughy on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside? Well think of that but 100x better. Plus they serve it on this cute little cutting board to serve yourself...we had two rounds. 

You order everything up front, since they are souffles, they have to time out when everything should come out. 

First up: Marshmallow Soup. 
Now don't be fooled like I was, the "marshmallows" aren't actually mallows. They are mini souffles placed on top of a creamy tomato basil soup followed by a drizzle of pesto. 

Second up: Truffle Infused Mushroom
First of all, can we look at this beauty? The real magic was when you would stick your spoon in it and see it all deflate. The truffle taste was streamlined throughout the whole souffle and the flavors literally just melt onto your tongue. 

Last but not least: Bread Pudding
There were too many tempting options for dessert, so after we went with the waitresses' request we went with the Bread Pudding. The server comes up and stabs the middle of the souffle and pour in this cream mixture that floats through the souffle. No words (other than the ones I already said).