Warming the soul with Manhattans, wine, & seasonal lattes

Who needs a coat when you can layer up with all the goodness. 
Clinton Street Social Club - House battered curds...which were probably the best fried thing that I've ever eaten, hush puppies & salmon

Pullman Diner - Mo' Burger, Griddled Turkey club, Frisco Melt...and maybe another Mo' Burger

Random lunches out - 30Hop Pick two with a favorite Chop Chop salad, my hands down go-to honey citrus stir fry from Breadgarden, and a Greek salad with sweet taters from a newbie for me, Nodo. 

Yes, I promise there was still home cooking almost every night...but my photo skills were seriously lacking so this is what we got. BBQ chicken melt, Ethan's favorite sesame chicken noodle bowls, my favorite twice baked stuffed sweet potatoes and a shredded chicken pasta sauce. 

Don't you worry - I did not forget about Thanksgiving. It was one hell of a feast over in Fulton, Illinois with Ethan's family. My favorites were the brussel sprouts & strawberry pretzel "salad"

Last but certainly not least. When your alma mater and the football team you work for beats the number 2 team in the celebrate. 

Now I'm ready for everything peppermint flavored and all of the eggnog.