May the margs never stop coming.

When your work bestie's birthday is on Cinco De Mayo - you go all out for happy hour. 

The key to surviving days on the court. 

Special surprise treats from Cali.  

Finding this goldmine of a pizza joint at our Farmer's Market

Sending off my best friend the only way we know how at Wig & Pen

Happy hour cocktails to reunite with another best friend who has been overseas for far too long. 30Hop is a great goto, the cocktails are so delicious its dangerous. 

Hot as hell days always call for shaved iced...this time it was fruity pebbles :) 

Then...Texas happened. Memorial weekend is a pretty big deal in my family, so we go all out. 

Mandatory first stop, Eatzi's. What other place can pile on these layers of heaven so perfectly?
First: Sundried tomato spread, turkey, lettuce, tomato, sauteed veggies.
Second: Mayo & Garlic Herb spread, turkey, ham, swiss, cheddar, lettuce & onion. 

Random goodies - Dutch baby pancake, Cedar Creek brews (Oat N About- oatmeal stout & Spinning Mule - robust porter), mimosas (duh), never ending snacks.

My dad loves to grill & smoke - the major feature of the weekend was his bone-in smoked rib-eye. I'm not the BIGGEST steak girl, but this was amazing. 

Last but most definitely not least, was the dessert spread. I mean campfire s'mores, Blue Bell Ice Cream (Texas staple), and this American flag cake (that completely won my heart). 

Last pit stop was at DFW Airport at VinoVolo. We ordered up a calzone & a veggie pizza to tie us over until we got home. The pizza was pretty good, but that calzone's cheesy goodness hit the spot. 

This May was definitely one for the taste buds, can't wait to see what June has to taste