June is for patios & family time

Patio drinks & charcuterie boards at one of my favorite IC stops- Pullman

The behemoth burger, Pulpit Rock nitro stouts, & mozza balls at Blackstone

Firecracker BBQ wings & "cheese dip" (queso for us Texans) when the patio drinks start hitting ya at 30Hop. 

Turkey burgers + pineapple + cheese + pretzel buns = heaven 

Homemade snack plates & thick smoothies to recover from hiking Saturdays. 

Staple breakfast @ sisters - Natural pb toast with a naner & cinnamon with a cup of tea

Sister sips, family style dinners, & dad's smoker. 

When the guac is just way too good. 

The answer to any long weekend - Wig 

Ending June on a sweet note with homemade funfetti cupcakes and wayy too much icing. 

June's over...Julying