When you're too busy eating and drinking - you blend June & July into one recap

Per usual, many of my mornings and mid-day meals were fueled by roasted veggies and fried eggs.  Two must - haves of this summer: 
 1. TJ's Everything but the Bagel Sesame seasoning  2. Siete almond flour tortillas

Sometimes, I'll mix some other stuff in there.

My staple cuban sliders, stuffed chicken & sweet taters, low-country boil with the family, and fine okay some more veggies with grilled chicken. 

Many meals out means finding a balance - leafy greens & fried foods make my world go round. 

(Top left corner - clockwise): Atlas greek salad, Clinton Street Social corn fritters (the goat cheese, fried, corn combo is money), Nodo greek salad,  Atlas truffle fries (omg - the truffle sauce is unreal), Mosley's pulled chicken salad, Clinton Street Rarebit fries

I'm not always that boring, sometimes I venture away from the salads. 

Joseph's salmon, an unreal brisket sandwich at Blues & BBQ from TC Bone'z, my go-to stir fry bowl at North Side Bistro, and simply delicious Pullman brunch. 

Drinks have been flowing - but I don't discriminate. From fancy cocktails, to frozen drinks, to canned wine.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Clinton Street's happy hour is bomb. Porch Crawler, Blushing Orphan & Old fashioned. Atlas stopped the show with this Famous Grouse ginger cocktail. Hot weather always calls for a frozen drink - El Patron flavored margs, or Pullman's frosé during the Block Party. And you don't always have to go somewhere to enjoy the booze - canned wine, homemade watermelon frosé, or just taking it on the road (passenger of course!). 

Pizza filled up more meals than normal, but you don't find me complaining. 

Outside the kitchen: Maggie's Farm pizza at a Hawkeye Hotels event, PiZan pizza, PizzaRev mid road trip, and the infamous Wig
Inside the kitchen: Prosciutto & caramelized onions, two typical cheese pies, and the showstopper Capicola with fresh mozz & goat cheese. We also mixed it up and used Double Zero flour for all of these pies. 

Sugar wasn't missed either these past two months. 

Famous ice cream from Mount Rushmore, typical shaved-ice runs at SnoBiz, blueberry & cherry streusel heaven from Hurts Donuts, celebrating National Ice Cream Day in fashion with Dane's Dairy cookie dough twister, and a classic July 4th s'more. 

I think it's safe to say - I like to eat.