2018 is here and I'm ready. A lot of people's New Year's resolution is to eat a bit healthier or work out more, mine is just to eat more. Don't get me wrong, I want to be all things fit, but the love for food always wins. 

Mornings were started with breakfast pizza

Little homemade pie & an unreal chorizo breakfast pie from Marquee - DANGER

Spontaneous 24 hour trip to Chicago

Coffee shops were at a high demand. Plus an obligatory Whole Foods stop.  

ALLEGO COFFEE - this little gem is on the bottom floor of Whole Foods, no fluff, no special syrups, but solid coffee
Field house jones - An awesome chicago hotel with cheap prices & amazing accomodations
Heritage coffee - technically it's a bike store that serves coffee, but I want to live in this shop
Whole Foods - Need I say MORE? 

I kept living at Marquee - but got more than za

Mex-Carita - espol√≥n blanco tequila, mezcal, agave, egg white, smoked paprika salt
Burger - angus & brisket, frico, mostardo, fancy sauce, lettuce, potato bun
Margherita - I mean you didn't think I was really changing my ways
Cacio e Pepe - pecorino, parmigiano, sage, black pepper
Tagliatelle all'Arrabbiata - spicy tomato, fried basil, breadcrumb, lemon, pecorino
Pound Cake  - pistachio butter, blackberry marscapone, almond-cannoli crumble

Okay...for a place that is full of za  - they are slaying their counter parts. The burger is juicy AF but the fried cheese crisp & fresh potato bun completes it. Don't ask me how to pronounce either of these pastas - but you can expect me to devour. Cacio is creamy & peppery and you want to lick the plate clean. Tagliatelle tastes like home with a spicy kick. And..this pound cake. If you know me, you know I can put down the sweets. One might think all of the flavors were intimidating, but they all matched up - my favorite part was the cannoli crumble... holy yum. 

But I didn't stray from the kitchen 

Tamale Chili & Goat cheese corn quesadilla - EASY crockpot recipe with all the flavors
Italian turkey sausage gnocchi - one pot recipe that I want to repeat non stop
Zucchini lasagna - low on carb, high on flavor
Popcorn & vino - answers to life
Avocado toast with chicken & fried egg - go to dinner
Kodiak cakes with sunflower butter - The go to healthy snack 

I'm back & I'm ready with fork in hand