The last taste of 25

With my birthday ending on the last day of March, I had to get in all the favorites for this month before I hit OVER a quarter of a century. 

My life was still run by lattes

Luckily Matchas made a little bit more of an appearance - Green Leaf, Third Culture, Krumpets, plus many more

Breakfast was clutch per usual

Cafe Patachou in Indy - I mean LOOK AT THIS TOAST!
Staple egg whites & Kodiak cakes with a blueberry addition
Breaky tacos with my new go to - white corn trader joes tortillas

The kitchen had a bit more creativity 

First go at Banza pasta - holy yum. Mixed in some roasted veggies & lots of goat cheese to take it over the top
Pan Seared chicken & stuffed shrooms - Finally listened and patted my chicken dry before cooking on the cast changer. 

Celebrated National Pi Day the right Marquee 

Krumpets road trip continued to NEVER dissapoint

The turkey reuben with slaw (OMG I can't even describe the mouth watering deliciousness) followed up with a whoopee pie & signature sugar cookie. 

Homemade Za went Detroit Style

For the first time ever in a convection oven. took some notes...just wait for round 2.  

another year passed 

celebrated my birthday at none other than marquee - look how amazing they are
Apps were the cheese plate (first timer - I think I ate 2/3 of the cheese) and of course the Gilroy fries. 
Main course was half of the burger (you guys...I know it's a pizza place, but I promise the burger will make you drool) & a Margherita pizza with goat cheese
dessert - 2 Mollys cupcakes decorated by a dear friend...carrot cake (DUH) and cake batter....
Don't worry. I ate all of it...and a glass of rosé....or six. 

i guess 25 wasn't too bad.
time to bring on 26.