A little Pizza Me

Here's the thing, I like food. No, like I really really like food. My days are surrounded by not only when I am going to eat ( and how often) but more importantly what I am going to eat. I'd be lying if pizza wasn't the first thing that came to my mind when I felt that tug of hunger in my stomach, but I after a mini self debate, I'll go for something else to put on my plate. 

Ironically, I used to be the pickiest eater. If it wasn't a bread basket, bean & cheese nachos, or dessert I wasn't eating it. I am thankful to say that things have changed and I like to try anything thats put in front of me...except pickles, anything but pickles. 

I'm no gourmet chef by any means but I dabble. Pizzas are a bi-weekly thing and chicken dishes are almost daily. Eating out is a treat, I despise nothing more than being shuffled into a chain restaurant and having to decide between basic #1 and basic #2. There is nothing better than hitting up a new place and trying something new, even if it's just the smallest twist.

I'm here to share everything and anything thats hit my tastebuds and all the things that I can't wait to try. 

Bon Appetit!


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