Honk if you love fries!

Now as you may have read, I just started a new gig with a company NAMED Lamb Weston - aka a potato company - aka FRIES! It turned out that the week I started was also NR (no not guns, restaurants.) so there were many activities on the horizon. One of the main items on the agenda was the Flavor Forays BBQ and Cook-off., which is said by food industry insiders as a “must attend,” and I wouldn’t disagree.


This year was the 22nd annual event and my company was one of the sponsors. I really had no idea what to expect other than the fact that we were going to facilitate a fry-truck. I walked into Galleria Marchetti, which is a gorgeous indoor/outdoor space that I can only imagine hosts its fair share of weddings, and right there was this beaut of a food truck

The set up was sweet - people were able to walk on up to an iPad and select their type of fry:

  • straight cut

  • crisscut (aka waffle)

  • puff (aka tot)
    Then they were able to select their toppings:

  • Windy City Smoke - pulled pork, fennel cole slaw, bbq sauce & smoked salt

  • South of the Border Spice - skirt steak, elote, chihuahua cheese & tajin

  • Golden Asian Fusion - roasted cauliflower, fried carrots, orange soy glaze, cured egg yolk

The South of the Border seemed to be the hot pick of the afternoon…I’m just not a big corn lover (I know, I am a disgrace to Iowa). The WIndy City was all that you would imagine it would be - creamy and refreshing with the slaw that is always the best companion for some solid bbq. I opted for Asian Fusion crisscut which was best described as an explosion in your mouth, which seemed to be pretty accurate. I thought crisscut would be the perfect base for this set up - you know a little more surface area for the goods. This held true, but it also made it a full hands on experience. I will say, if you wanted a more classy eating option - I’d go for the puffs…a little more fork friendly.


Here’s to me hopefully not gaining the Fry Freshman Fifteen.