The Madness of March

March is definitely a month of madness. For majority of the nation, March is full of filling out brackets, followed by highlighters and red pens indicating their wins & losses. Working with the Iowa women’s basketball team, I was living in the madness. On top of that, I had a birthday, my sister’s bachelorette party, and two mini road trips.

Are you ready for the ride?


I wasn’t home that often, so when I was - Marquee was on my mind - event more specifically the starch


In the short time I was home, a new taco place had their grand opening and Trisha & I decided to go. Quick & dirty review: it was good, but nothing to write home about. The tacos had good flavor, but a little pricey for what you’re getting. I got a fun cocktail, but based off of everyone’s reviews their margs are fire. I’ll have to give them another chance when they’ve had a little more time to operate.


Our staff headed out to Chicago for Big Ten Marketing meetings. The meetings were actually very insightful, we were lucky enough to hear from a woman who formerly worked with Gatorade and currently works with the Cubs. Her insight on branding and content was beyond insightful.

Since I was flying out to Miami in a few days, I was lucky enough to stay in Chicago and catch up with some family & friends - of course over some great drinks & grub.
First was an aperol spritz from Highline, I ordered a za - which was…well fine.
Next up was Doc' B’s and boy oh boy, I HIGHLY recommend this place. For starters, get yourself a friend that will go splitskies with you. This place’s house salad had cornbread croutons (yall- so damn good). Plus two Sammies: a turkey burger & fried buffalo chicken sandwich. Just trust me and go.
Lastly was my go to place when I’m in the area, Left Coast - which is a super fresh, healthy and SUPER trendy spot. I ordered the Robust Rosa with Salmon.


I was off to Miami…but Chicago had some other plans. I ended up spending half of my day in the airport with an 8 hour delay. However, I built up the courage to order my fist on-plane drink and got to FO FREE!! Plus the hotel’s coffee machine the next

Next up, Brunch at Upland Miami. YALL. I can’t explain this place. First off, their bottomless brunch was GENIUS. It was about 26 bucks, but you could rotate from a bloody, mimosa & rosé. Even better - they brought the mimosa deconstructed so you could mix yourself. Don’t even get me started on this breakfast sandwich, I mean just look at those eggs…LOOK AT THEM!

TIME FOR SOME SUN! We chilled by the beach to get some rays (the first touch of sun I had seen in…way too long). Unfortunately I got the weirdest tan lines,
but I will take it.

This pizza (and views) gave me life - literally. The za was from Mistero1 , the ricotta stuffed crusts were to die for, plus they gave us two Nutella pizzas!! I was ready to hit the hay, however I got a little extra kick to prepare for the clubs…the multiple Red Bulls may have helped too.

I mean, you didn’t think I’d leave out the club did you? I didn’t end up drinking ($23 vodwads no thank you), but the DJ was amazing and we all had a blast…up to 3 AM 😳.


Now, if you know me then you probably know that I LOVE Karen & Georgia on My Favorite Murder - a murder comedy podcast. When my friends and I found out they were coming to Des Moines we JUMPED on it.

Of course, we stopped for some drinks & grub before hand at the Republic on Grand… this place was amazing. Little rooftop bar on the top of a hotel. we ordered wine & bruschetta flights, followed up by tacos. our bruschetta picks were:

LAQUERCIA PROSCIUTTO: four-cheese spread, truffle oil
RICOTTA: rosemary, honey
SOPRESSATA : housemade fruit mostarda
*Prosciutto was the showstopper with that truffle oil.


I don’t know if there was a better way to explain all of this. For starters, we planned on having an open to the public watch party to see where the women would be ranked on the bracket. Welp, the women’s bracket was released 4 hours prior to the event and they decided to launch the selection show TWO HOURS EARLY. With all that said, everything still went well but it was NUTS. Then we were full force into planning hosting the 1st and 2nd round of the NCAA - where we broke the NCAA attendance record , I got to run into an old friend AND cut down a piece of the net.

Since we won both rounds, we were headed to the sweet sixteen to Greensboro, North Carolina.

We were staying at a castle of a hotel, which had amazing food inside the hotel - but limited us to getting out since it was so far from everything else. Things could have been worse - they had Yuengling and a fire pit!

As I mentioned the food inside of the hotel - Bridget & I ventured there twice. They had a wide array of options on their charcuterie board, including nutmeg carrots that totally threw me for a loop. My two orders were:
cornmeal breaded catfish, mashed sweet potatoes & okra /
Ahi Tuna with mango salsa, Brussels & okra
The okra was by far the winner of both plates - gotta love the south.

When we did decide to venture out, we were NOT disappointed. From buffalo chicken Mac & cheese from 913 Whiskey, to probably the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had (goat cheese, pepper jelly & onion strings) accompanied by drool worthy brussels from M’Coul’s Pub and of course had some hush puppies from Stamey’s BBQ.


The birthday - best part about March is I always get to cap it on a high note! Started off with a pretty stellar egg biscuit sandwich and ended with being serenaded over some wine and cheesecake. I felt very lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of people and made me feel very loved on my birthday. Of course, had some amazing friends & family that reached out and made the day even more special.

Oh and Duke happened to lose on my bday, but Bray (our staff photographer) snagged this photo of me channeling my inner devil watching the game.


Actually new items on all of these - bought my first real crop top, snagged a free NCAA shirt, and can we talk about this AMAZING Ninja Turtles shirt?! Shout out to Courtney Johnson who literally took it off her back and gave to me when I said how much I loved it.


Finding Balance in February

This month has been about finding a balance for me. Knowing that it’s okay to grab that drink or have the 4th slice of pizza. I have learned so much about myself this past month and it has been amazing to live through.


I have been capitalizing on my work from home day once a week, which allows me to make a great breakfast. Fake omelettes & roasted sweet potatoes are my go to.

  1. Roast up some veggies // pour egg whites in a pan & cover until cooked // combine the two
    2. Thinly slice tater // spray with coco oil & salt // broil in oven for 3-5 minutes
    3. Always add avocado


I tried & failed to wear all of my pizza clothing - I only made it through my 3 slice baby shirts, leaving 6 other guys in the closet. Marquee of course was the place we called home all day.

First Round: Salad // Breakfast Pizza // Squashed pizza
Second Round: Stracc // Hand to mouth pizza // Sweet Angelo Pizza


These past couple months have been HUGE for me. I have been able to get rid of the fear. I have been able to learn to be loved - not from others, but by myself and by Him. I have been able to let go - because I am not the one in control here. It has been an amazing journey coming to Christ and I am excited for the next chapter!


This job can be stressful, but I had the chance to fly out to Newport Beach for the PacNet conference - which was an amazing opportunity. The conference itself was very enlightening and we were able to hear from Alison Levine, which was beyond enlightening. They also served up some amazing food with an In-N-Out food truck and a taco bar for lunches.


A weekend with no events doesn’t exist in our world, so when we get that beautiful gift we take advantage. 24 hour road trip to Chicago to eat (drink) or way through parts of the city. Here are all the details.


One of my best friends just had a beautiful baby boy, so I used this opportunity to make all of the goodies.


Sometimes the crew just wants to grab a drink, or three or four - so we have to find a balance somewhere. I generally try to order salads at least as an appetizer when drinking and/or eating out to (attempt to) fill up. But let’s be real…I am the queen of snacks.


…which brings me to snacks! My 3 go-tos are:

  • almond milk lattes with skinny mocha sauce

  • popcorn - seriously it’s a PROBLEM. I go through a bag of kernels a week

  • mug cakes: 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 ts baking powder, 1/4 c almond milk -
    the best is to top with some whipped cream & other goodies. pictured here is my favorite topper - a sarris chocolate covered pretzel.


A couple favorite dinners from this month

  1. Zucchini pie from Pinch of Yum - I opted for no corn, add chicken, and less cheese

  2. All of the veggies + chicken + fried egg

  3. Mexican stuffed bell peppers


The time I tried to curl my hair and failed. the time the lighting made me feel like I had an ab. and the time I wore a duke shirt under my clothes to work for the big rivalry.

birthday month - here we come

Chicago Food Fest

So - in our world of athletics, we work a lot of weekends - I mean majority of them. So when we had a weekend with no events, we capitalized on the moment to take on chicago for a quick road trip. my best friend, Trisha & I ran with it (key the itinerary and bitmojis of us and our friend Kevin). ready? We weren’t…


well - let’s just say this place is pure danger. If you know me, you know I already checked out the menu, but It still took me a good 10 minutes to pick my poisons. I went for the hangover helper - ham, cheese & eggs and Spaulding’s Choice - turkey, american cheese, lettuce, tomato & avocado


We posted up the car, and caught an uber (who was absolutely amazing) and headed to POPS - Trisha’s favorite place on earth. We stopped for two drinks & a few gummies - thanks to the waitress for bringing some over after I got a litttttle too excited that trisha’s drink came with one.
Smokey Hollow - Bourbon Whiskey / Blueberries / Thyme Syrup / Cava and the Italian Tale - Aperol / Averna Amaro / Lime / Prosecco


after getting lost in an alley - we found the correct alley to walk into this basement tiki bar. Other than it being very dark, It was a very cool place. for starters - I am obsessed with this skull wall. I got the BOURBON COCKTAIL - Bonded Bourbon, Jamaican Pot Still Rum, Rolled Oat Orgeat, Madeira, Lemon, Cinnamon, Allspice. I was blown away by this drink - the touch of cinnamon was clutch.


crossing off another stop on our list - an irish pub. It also worked out really well to be able to catch a glimpse of the duke game and to get some snacks. Went for a standard old fashion - but was excited for the double cherries. Trisha & I split SMOKED Salmon Bites - cold oak-smoked salmon with capers, onions, light horseradish sauce, lemon, cucumber slices - these were AMAZINGGG. The boys opted for the The Big Soft Pretzel - freakishly big Bavarian pretzel with whole grain mustard and cheese sauce.


Trisha and I had already scoped out the menu and knew exactly what we wanted to get and let the guys pick one of them. Drink of choice: Negroni.
1. capricciosa - san marzano tomatoes, artichokes, kalamata olives, mushrooms, prosciutto cotto ,pecorino romano, fior di latte mozzarella, basil
2. pistacchio pizza - pistacchio pesto, locally sourced sausage, fior di latte mozzarella, basil (MY FAV)
3. Affumicata - smoked mozzarella di bufala, hot sopressata, roasted bell peppers, fior di latte mozzarella


This stop was actually before forno rosso but since I only snagged one photo - i slotted it with the others. I stuck with the aperols - this was a quick little stop waiting for our reservation.

the press room
This was an awesome basement wine bar where we split a bottle of rose - really cool vibes

backdoor saloON
This was definitely the most interesting spot, but settled down for another cocktail & called it a night


Still obsessed with these little skull guys.the next morning, we planned on hitting up the publican - but due to potential bad roads, we decided to skip out on brunch and head back to good ol’ iowa city. but first - I made everyone stop at sawada for my military latte and a glorious doughnut vault almond doughnut. I just wish I got one of each.


Slice of Life


So here’s the thing - life is busy, hectic and let’s admit it a little bit crazy. 2018 was all of that wrapped up all in one.

As one of my good friends pointed out, 2019 jump started pretty quickly - one for me that was filled with some major lows but also the highest of highs. I’m not throwing January away, but starting off February with a new mindset and outlook on life.

If anybody knows anything about me, they know food is my first love and this girl has got to eat. My life revolves around when and what I am going to eat next - but there are many other layers to this life that I live.
Now let’s get to the point….i’m not saying this will become a lifestyle blog (we all know I don’t have any beauty / fashion tips) but I will be adding a FEW MORE SLICES of my life..

To get things going, here is a fast track of January….

Started off the New Year with some great friends, a dreamy charcuterie board (by me), and legendary Old Fashioned (not by me)

Not everything has changed - Marquee is still a staple - whether it is trying their collaboration of the month, being their taste tester, or marking another Stracc on the books.

Spent my days with some solid people.

Learned to perfect somethings in the kitchen - an omelette, alternative pizza crusts & crispy salmon.

….and let’s be real selfies are here to stay.

2019 started off strong & wild - but we are ready for it


...okay it really didn't take us down, but my food baby is still kicking. 

I'd be the one to argue that timing is usually not in my favor - however this one weekend it worked out perfectly. Ethan was moving into his new place in Chicago and my sister, Lyndsy was going to be in Chicago for a concert - PERFECT TIMING! 

Thursday was a long hellish day of moving - starting early morning to pack up the U-HAUL, making it to Chicago at 8:30 pm to then unpack the U-HAUL until 2 am. (TIP - Don't try to move a king tempurpedic mattress by yourself).


We had a bit of a late start with Lyndsy's plane being delayed TWO hours because the pilot no showed...never even heard of that before. Once she got into town, we didn't waste any time. First stop - Au Cheval. Now if you are any sort of a foodie, you KNOW they are known for their burger...and their very long wait time. Being the smart thinkers that we are (and the paranoid person I am), I had Lyndsy jump out and put in our name before finding a parking spot. Shockingly we only had a 30-40 minute wait, unshockingly it took us that long to find a parking spot (West Loop is DEATH). 

Au Cheval.JPG

Let me tell yall - this burger did NOT disappoint. We split the single (which is actually a double) with bacon. Guys...just you have to. Its to die for...seriously, I'd die for it. 

The next stop has a special place in my heart and I want to move in. Sawada Coffee, is another Hogsalt company (aka my dream company) and the vibes were on point. Grunge with patio lights....serving up matcha, doughnuts and alcohol. SIGN ME UP! 

I got the Military Latte, which is essentially a matcha latte with a shot of espresso and topped with cocoa powder. HOLY HELL - it was the answer to all my prayers. The espresso cut any sweetness from the matcha and also gave you the extra kick of caffeine, that let's be real, we all want. Sawada ALSO serves Doughnut Vault (another Hogsalt co) - we snagged a buttermilk togo (we will come back to this). 

Some site seeing was in order next - from Maggie Daley park to Buckingham Palace (LOL JK, I know its Fountain), we ended up at Willis Tower. After an ear popping elevator ride, we made it to the top. Snagged a few pictures around the deck and waited in line for the look out point. Side note - we were casually watching everyone do their poses while waiting in line, but once you get in the box it is intimidating AF to have everyone starting at you. Anyways, we made it to the front of the line...and Lyndsy couldn't look down (it was funny), but we struck a few poses and called it good. Also, it WAS Natty doughnuts day, so I had to shamelessly take a ridiculous photo with my socks and doughnut...which I had been carefully holding outside of my backpack the whole time. 

After Willis, we met up with Ethan to grab our bags and head to our Aunt & Uncle's place. BUT we were both getting hangry and we decided to FINALLY split this beloved doughnut. Before we could devour, Lyndsy had to snap a quick picture...which almost resulted in the doughnut crumbling to its death...but don't worry I saved it and the doughnut was DELICIOUS. 

Dinner was at Summer House, which was also on my Chicago weekend list. Summer House gives you all the vibes of the beach without the annoyance of the sand. I mean this decor is on point.

Lyndsy got the Weekender (there was matcha in it - duh) and I went for the Hootenany (bourbon, blackberry & rhubarb bitters ). I went for a pasta dish, which is very unlike me however the morel mushrooms, pesto and gnocchi were calling my name. The pasta was great, but I felt like I could have eaten more...which is where The Market comes into play. 

The Market is a bakery in the lobby area of the restaurant. Yall...these cookies are the size of my face and I ate 1.5. I personally ordered the one with Rice Krispie chunks but got a bite or so off of everyone else's - peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal apple & good 'ol chocolate chunk. I can't wait to go back and get some of these bad boys for an ice cream sandwich. 


After the food comma Friday, we planned to walk around the city while snagging a few more good eats. First stop - La Colombe. Now I've had their canned latte (It's at HyVee!) which is unreal, but I went for an oat milk latte - yes, yes yes please. 

Next up, we met our cousin at Left Coast - which is a place I've been dying to try. It is super "basic" as my cousin put it - kale everything, juices galore, and health health health - BUT it was tasty and exactly what I needed from the day before. 


Lyndsy & I split the Guapo - turkey chorizo, egg whites, roasted red pepper, avocado, roasted hominy, spinach, salsa verde wrapped in a whole wheat wrap. Our cousin got the Chronic - steak, 7-minute egg, avocado, carrots, red onion, spinach, chimichurri. SO SO good and fresh. 

We had decided to sit outside, which was great for the first 30 minutes but then got really what do you get on a windy Chicago day? MATCHA!


A few google searches later we found a place called - Two Hearted Queen. Although the matcha doesn't hit my top 5 (don't get me wrong, it was really good - I just have had a lot of matcha). I LOVED this quant little neighborhood café and the staff was amazing. Also, since it was our first time they play a little game with you - if you choose the Queen of Hearts out of a deck you get your order 50% off (I picked an Ace.)

Then back to our family's place to get ready for dinner and to send the crew off to the concert! Luckily, the concert and dinner was in the South Loop, which is where Ethan just moved to - so we were all able to meet up for dinner with the whole crew. (The crew included three 14-16 year old girls and their moms en route to a T.Swift concert)

Now I just might think a lot of places are hidden gems because I know nothing about Chicago, but if you don't know about Café Bionda, you should. 

Started off with a very strong Negroni, just a few days shy of Negroni week and some French bread. They also serve their bread with olive oil/parm AND marinara sauce. I ordered the chicken Milanese with roasted veggies - I honestly could have just had a big bowl of the veggies and been a happy camper. They also have a secret menu of pizza, which a couple of the girls ordered (I snagged the extras to take home for leftovers and it was goooood thin crust pizza). Thee real show stopper was the meat lasagna. My picture in no way does this justice, but it was by far the best lasagna Ethan and I have ever had. It was more cheesy than saucy, which created this creamy texture...yall, I'm drooling thinking about it. 


After dinner, the rest of the crew headed to the concert and Ethan and I headed home. The rest of the weekend included shopping, cleaning, organizing, and eating leftover pizza.